Lucky Dog Resort | Day Care
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 The Lucky Dog Social Club

lucky dogs

Why Daycare?


Sitting around all day waiting for you to come home is NOT your dog’s idea of a great day.

What is?


  • Playing with their friends.
  • Getting fresh air and exercise.
  • Using their mind – games, activities, training designed to engage dogs’ mental faculties, gives dogs a sense of accomplishment.

The Social Club


The Lucky Dog Social Club is designed to engage your dog both physically and mentally so he comes home happy and tired!  Dogs are grouped with other like-minded/similar play-style dogs and supervised at all times.




How does Daycare benefit dog parents?


  • A well-socialized dog is a joy to have around other dogs and people!
  • Your dog will be tired at the end of the day, not amped-up and in need of lots of activity.
  • Your dog will be exercised, happy and fulfilled! What more do you need?

Lucky Dog is a highly social model of care.  In order to maintain the safest possible environment for all dogs, we can only accept guests who are spayed/neutered, unless under 6 months old.  Females must not be in estrus (heat).  Thank you for your understanding.


Please note, all guests must be current on the following vaccinations (Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella) and have had a fecal screening within the past year, with negative results.  Documentation must be uploaded to their profile at the time of their reservation.