Classic Daycare

Your Pup is your fur baby and

only the best of everything will do.

This, of course, includes your choice in a Daycare provider. At Lucky Dog Resort, our highest goal is to make your Dog feel HAPPY, SAFE, and LOVED, all while making friends and having an absolutely unique and fantastic play experience.

We are thrilled to share our newly designed Daycare offerings with you. We look forward to hosting your Pup as a proud member of whichever program meets your needs best.

Classic Daycare

About The Lucky Dog Social Club Program

While The Rhody Scholars Program is perfect for Pet Parents and Pups craving daily enrichment activities in a small group setting, The Lucky Dog Social Club is perfect for Pups who crave the social atmosphere of a larger, energetic group setting, with focus on free-play.

The Lucky Dog Social Club offers professionally supervised Doggy Daycare focused on free-play with friends, socialization with our Counselors and other Dogs, fresh air and exercise, and nap time to refresh and reset.

Details & Benefits

  • Nap time to refresh and reset
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Pups come home, relaxed, happy, and fulfilled
  • Supervised at all times by trained professional Counselors
  • Dogs play together socially in large groups

Perfect for Pup Parents Who

• Have well-socialized Pups who enjoy playing and interacting with other Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds

• Have Pups who enjoy dynamic play in energetic groups

Intimate Professor to Pup Ratio

1 Counselor to 10 Pups

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We are so lucky to have found great Daycare and boarding near us. Penny has been attending since she was a Puppy, and still, without fail, she gets incredibly excited every time we pull in the driveway. It's the best feeling to see your Dog so happy.”