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10 Ways To Tell If Our Dogs Love Us

They seem like they do. They’re happy to see us when we come back after five minutes. They like to cuddle. They smile at us. But what are some scientifically proven ways for us to be“sure?”

Here’s some fun evidence about how dogs tells us they love us…

1. Look into My Eyes

According to Brian Hare, a well-known Dog Expert, when your dog looks you in the eye, he’s “hugging you with his eyes.” If you want the science, Oxytocin (the same hormone that bonds mom to child) is released when you look at each other. To reciprocate “appropriately” (for a dog), don’t stare.  Just try to naturally maintain eye contact with him during your normal routines.

2. Contagious Yawning

Because dogs have evolved to read humans, your dog may yawn when you yawn. It’s possible a dog yawning the same time as a human happens because the dog has bonded with that person. The study also found dogs were more likely to yawn when their loved ones yawned, than when a stranger yawned.

3. Lean on Me

Leaning can me a number of things; anxiousness, asking for something. It can also mean affection. Whatever his motive, when your dog leans on you, understand when your dog leans on you, he trusts you.

4. After Dinner Snuggle

Most Dogs are food motivated. Once your dog has eaten, watch to see what next priority becomes. He may have some business to take care of (ahem), but if he snuggles with you after one of his morning or night meals, you can be sure you are his priority. Snuggle to your heart’s content.

5. Wiggly Eyebrows

A recent study in Japan demonstrated Dogs will lift their eyebrows, especially their left, when they see someone they love. Keep an eye on this one.

6. Watching You Go

If your Dog watches you leave and stays calm, this is a sure sign he trusts you and knows you’ll be coming back. If he freaks out, this may be a sign of separation anxiety. Seek a reputable Trainer or Behaviorist for help. Either way, make sure your pup isn’t left alone for long periods of time. Doggy day-care is an excellent way for pups who enjoy being social to get some time out of the house and have fun with friends.

7. You’re Back! I Missed You Soo Much!

Unlike watching you go, the super excited greeting you receive upon your return is pure love in action! Be just as enthusiastic and affectionate!

8. Good Bedfellows

Whether or not you allow it, if your Dog wants to sleep in your bed, you can bet he loves you enough to be separated from “the pack,” according to Dog Expert Gregory Berns. I advocate for a wonderful yet uncomfortable night’s sleep with your dog. I snooze with my two pits at home and at work with any number of adorable luxury-boarding guests. There’s nothing like it.

9. My Toy is your Toy

Sharing Toys, sticks, and other treasured items with you doesn’t just mean “play with me” but “I think you’d like this stick as much as I do!” Happily, take the item and have some fun!

10. Love Knows

Yes, they know if you love them. Dog Expert Berns says Dogs can innately sense whether you love them or not. So even on your worst day, the good news is, he knows!

Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows what it feels like to get love back from them; often silly, sometimes moving and always sincere. Though there are likely many more ways your Dog expresses love. Make sure to watch for their signs and reciprocate in ways your dog will appreciate!

How does your furry kid show you love? Let us know and share the love by sharing this post!

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