Enrichment Daycare

Your Pup is your fur baby and

only the best of everything will do.

This, of course, includes your choice in a Daycare provider. At Lucky Dog Resort, our highest goal is to make your Dog feel HAPPY, SAFE, and LOVED, all while making friends and having an absolutely unique and fantastic play experience.

We are thrilled to share our newly designed Daycare offerings with you. We look forward to hosting your Pup as a proud member of whichever program meets your needs best.

Enrichment Daycare Program

About The Rhody Scholars Program

The Rhody Scholars is an Enrichment Daycare program, built on the foundation that Dogs are individuals with their own unique needs and desires. Enrichment Daycare is a cutting-edge program in the field of Dog care and socialization, offering specialized activities based on breed traits, personality, and mental and physical engagement. Rhody Scholars Pups enjoy the benefits of a more intimate ratio of Pups to Professors, all of whom have special expertise in bringing out the best in each Dog. Scholars enjoy fun activities, in small groups of friends, designed to engage them both physically AND mentally. They get lots of fresh air and exercise, and nap time to refresh and reset. Manners are practiced daily as part of the fun!

Details & Benefits

  • Led by our Professors, who are highly experienced in enrichment activities and training experiences
  • Engaging and personalized learning experiences providing mental and physical enrichment and cultivating manners
  • Exploring natural interests and activities based on your Dog’s personality, personal needs, and desires
  • Small group environment for lots of support, attention, and interaction with their Professors
  • Guided at all times by trained professionals
  • Nap time to refresh and reset
  • Indoor and outdoor play
  • Pups come home relaxed, happy, and fulfilled

Perfect for Pup Parents Who

• Want the absolute best, curated Daycare experience for their Dog

• Value an individualized approach and personalized Professor-led experiences for physical exercise, mental enrichment, and continued development of good manners

Intimate Professor to Pup Ratio

1 Professor to 4 Pups

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We are so lucky to have found great Daycare and boarding near us. Penny has been attending since she was a Puppy, and still, without fail, she gets incredibly excited every time we pull in the driveway. It's the best feeling to see your Dog so happy.”