Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lucky Dog Resort a good fit for my Dog?

It’s our highest goal to be THE BEST FIT for YOUR DOG, so we’ve created options based on who they are:

The Social Option

Lucky Dog Offers Daycare and Boarding for Dogs who are capable of safely socializing with other Dogs. Dogs who are “social” will prefer to stay in the Lucky Dog House for overnight boarding. The house is designed as a home away from home where Dogs relax, play and sleep with other dogs. Lucky Dog Staff are with them 24/7 and will even sleep with your dog if they request it! Dogs who participate in our social model of care must be spayed/neutered unless under 6 months old.

The Private Option

Some Dogs just need their own Suite, and we honor them by providing beautiful rooms, complete with chandeliers, artwork, tempered glass doors, temperature control, air filtration and UV technology for the highest level of cleanliness and safety. Our Suites are the best fit for unaltered (not spayed/neutered) Dogs, as well as those who do not enjoy the company of other Dogs.

We’re happy to discuss your Dog’s temperament and history with you prior to booking, so we can all make the best decision for YOUR DOG!

What are your hours?

Drop off and Pick up Hours

General Hours

Monday–Friday  7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Saturdays  8 AM – 5 PM

Sundays  9 AM – 4 PM

Monday through Friday

7 AM to 9 AM

11 AM to 1 PM

*3 PM to 6 PM

3 PM is the latest appointment available for BOARDING DROP-OFF


8 AM to 10 AM

*3 PM to 5 PM

3 PM is the latest appointment available for BOARDING DROP-OFF


9 AM to 11 AM

3 PM to *4 PM

3 PM is the latest appointment available for BOARDING DROP-OFF

What will my Dog be doing while at Lucky Dog?


Social: If your Dog will be staying with us in the Lucky Dog House, their time will be spent interacting (playing, relaxing, engaging in enrichment activities) with Lucky Dog Staff and other Dogs. We ensure everyone gets outside as much as possible (weather permitting) for playtime, bathroom breaks and fresh air. When inside, your Dog will relax in the beautifully appointed house. Guests are supervised by our highly trained Staff at all times.

Private: If your Dog will be staying with us in a Private Suite, they will spend their time relaxing in their room and being taken outside for romps, bathroom breaks and fresh air. Suite Guests receive individual attention and love from our highly trained staff throughout their stay.


Daycare is about making friends, relaxing and having fun! Lucky Dog Guests enjoy their day with us getting plenty of exercise, fresh air, and fun learning activities. Our program is designed to engage and enrich your Dog both physically and mentally. We also incorporate rest periods to ensure everyone remains healthy and happy. All Lucky Dog Daycare Guests must be able to safely socialize with other dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds. We work with your Dog to determine which playgroup suits him/her best.

Our Protocols

RESORT CHECKOUT TIME FOR BOARDING GUESTS IS 12 PM. We are happy to care for your Dog after noon.

A “Daycare” fee of $33 will be added to your invoice



These protocols help ensure adequate staffing and (if applicable) time to safely introduce your Dog to the existing Guests. There are no exceptions so we kindly ask you to plan ahead.

Drop-offs and Pick-Ups

Drop-offs and Pick-Ups times for Daycare and Boarding are treated as appointments and must be reserved within designated times (noted above and throughout our website). Any changes must be conveyed ahead of time, via an amendment to your online booking, or by calling us at 401-835-0680. Amendments must be within designated drop-off and pickup times.

3 PM is the latest appointment available for BOARDING DROP-OFF

We appreciate your help in keeping our guests happy and safe by always honoring your appointment times.

Meet & Greet

If your Dog is coming to board and you’re close enough to come for a visit, Lucky Dog recommends scheduling a “Meet and Greet” prior to their stay.

Please call us to schedule your Dog’s Meet and Greet appointment once you’ve uploaded his/her vaccinations and fecal screening results.


Please bring enough of your Dog’s food for his entire stay. More is always better, just in case your dog’s stay is extended. Please portion your Dog’s meals out into Ziploc-type bags. This helps us to expedite feeding time and ensures your Dog is always receiving the right amount at the right time. Thank you!

What if my Dog sleeps in a crate at home and I’d like to maintain this practice while at Lucky Dog?


If your dog sleeps in a crate at home, please let us know.  We are happy to provide a crate for him/her so they can sleep near the rest of their friends.  We will only accept small crates from home.


Lucky Dog is not responsible for any personal property brought with your dog.

What to Bring:

If your Dog is staying in a Private Suite, you are welcome to bring his/her blanket/bed if easily washable in our washing machine. We request you provide a coat or jacket during the winter months. All items must be machine washable (in case of accidents or muddy play). Lucky Dog does not allow any other personal items, for safety and sanitary reasons. We have everything your Dog needs to have a happy and comfortable stay.

Collar Policy

All collars are removed upon entry to the facility, to help promote safety during dog interactions.

Lucky Dog Resort is located on a very busy thoroughfare, it is therefore required your dog be leashed and guided by leash into and out of the Lucky Dog Property. Please do not allow your dog to roam freely.


Must be in their original prescription container(s), and clearly labeled with your dog’s name, dosage, and administration directions.

What are your medical requirements?

  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered after 6 months of age (if participating in Daycare or Social Boarding.
  • Dogs must have their Vaccinations (Rabies, Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella) AND their Fecal Screening RESULTS (negative for intestinal parasites including Giardia, Hook Worm, Whip Worm and Round Worm and current within four months of their stay or play at Lucky Dog Resort) uploaded onto their online profile no later than 24 hours prior to their arrival. Please only utilize the Lucky Dog Resort website portal (your Dog’s account) to provide these documents to us. We no longer accept texted or emailed documents from any source. This ensures your information is housed and reviewed appropriately.
  • If you need to email us with any questions or requests, please email us directly through the Lucky Dog Resort website portal. Emails sent to our address (but outside the website portal) may not be seen by our staff.

My dog recently had an illness, infection or procedure. Can he stay at Lucky Dog Resort?

Please call or email us to discuss your dog’s specific situation. Dogs must have a clean bill of health from their veterinarian post illness, infection or procedure.

My dog has special needs?  Can he/she stay at Lucky Dog Resort?

Please call or email us to discuss whether Lucky Dog Resort is the right for him/her

My dog is on medication. Will you administer?

We are happy to administer your Dog’s oral or topical medication. Please note, there is a $10 administration fee per stay. Please make sure medications are in their original prescription bottle, clearly labeled with your dog’s name, dosage, and administration directions.

What’s your cancellation policy?

Boarding bookings are designated as “Holiday/Prime” or “non-Holiday/Prime.” “Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require a 50% deposit, paid at the time of reservation, in order for us to hold your Dog’s place with us.  “Non-Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require a 25% deposit at the time of reservation.

If you need to cancel your boarding reservation, in order for your deposit payment to be refunded, “non-Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require at least 3 days’ notice with confirmed receipt of notification from Lucky Dog.  “Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require at least 7 days’ notice with confirmed receipt of notification from Lucky Dog.

*Deposits are non-transferrable and cannot be used as credit towards other bookings or packages. Refunds will be issued in the method which the deposit was made.


Lucky Dog is a highly social model of care.  In order to maintain the safest possible environment for all dogs, we can only accept guests who are spayed/neutered, unless under 6 months old.  Females must not be in estrus (heat).  Thank you for your understanding.


Please note, all guests must be current on the following vaccinations (Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella) and have had a fecal screening within four months of their play or stay at Lucky Dog Resort, with negative results.  Documentation must be uploaded to their profile at the time of their reservation.  

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