Giving Back

Meet Jack and Ruby

The moment Jack and Ruby arrived at Lucky Dog, owner Laurie and her team were in love.  These sweet, adorable dogs, are former Indian street dogs, rescued by Deb Jarrett, founder and executive director of Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR), a nonprofit dedicated to helping Indian street dogs.


Ruby came to DAR as a puppy suffering from distemper, a virus that affects the nervous system.  Without vaccination, puppies only have a 20% chance of living, but Ruby survived and thrived.  Jack was the victim of a car accident which resulted in the amputation of one of his back legs, but Jack didn’t let that slow him down – he can outrun any four-legged creatures around!

Introducing Giving Back


After a luxurious weekend at Lucky Dog, Deb came to pick up the pups where she got to meet Laurie.  They instantly connected as they have similar stories – both left the corporate world to follow their passion of serving dogs.  Together, they conceived Giving Back, a partnership that gives back to dog rescues around the world like DAR and Potter League for Animals, a local rescue and adoption organization.

Lucky Dog Sponsors Dorjee

This fall, Giving Back began sponsoring Dorjee, another tripod that lives at DAR permanently.  Like Jack, Dorjee was hit by a car and DAR was unable to save his leg.  There are a dozen permanent residents at DAR that you can sponsor. Your donation covers the medical costs for recovering rescues.  Sponsorships are perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays or other special events.

Join Lucky Dog and Start Giving Back

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