We believe each Dog and situation

is unique.

We cater our Training Programs to suit your goals and your Dog’s specific needs. Read below for more details on what we offer and how we can work together to create a more harmonious relationship with your Dog at home.

Our Areas of Expertise

Yuppy Puppy

Socially sound

Potty and crate training, socializing, manners, and practicing self-control. Curriculum includes House Training, Crate Training, Handling, Socializing, and Basic Skills (sit, down, wait, leave it, drop it). Great for Pups who are 3-9 months old.

behavior saver


Ideal for Dogs and their Families when behaviors become problematic. This most commonly includes reactivity toward other dogs, including on the leash, resource guarding, and introducing new people or pets to the household.

Designed for adolescents and adults to learn basic skills, such as sit, down, wait, leave it, and drop it. Great for Dogs who are confident, but have no previous training.

Immersive Learning:

The Live and Learn Program and Doggy Day School

Our Immersive Training Programs are designed with your whole Dog in mind. Utilizing your goals as the structure of the curriculum, we design a tailor-made program just for your Dog.

The immersion experience honors structure, socialization, play, and the joy of being a Dog. Daily sessions with your Dog’s Personal Trainer teach skills and mindset, so your Dog understands what “great” looks like and can make better decisions to help you both enjoy your lives together. Enrichment sessions are included each day to challenge your Dog mentally, and provide fun with brain games, puzzles and more. Exercise, playtime, and rest are also important parts of your Dog’s program and one of the keys to a wonderful and fulfilling experience!

You may choose between Live and Learn, which includes six overnight stays, or Doggy Day School, which includes ten Daily Sessions and all of the above.

Because you’re the most important person in your Dog’s Training (and life), your participation is crucial for success. You’ll enjoy a one-hour session with your Trainer and your superstar Dog to review everything you’ll need to know to successfully continue your program at home. Complimentary videos of your Dog’s training sessions will be available for home study at your convenience.

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