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Lucky Dog Resort operates by appointment only. As a Social Model of Care, it is imperative appointments are kept. Doing so allows our Team of Trained Professionals to safely introduce your Dog to the other Guests. This is the most important part of ensuring a safe, happy and relaxed stay. Any changes in appointments greatly detracts from the schedule our Team sets each day. Guests staying in our Private Suites are also required to arrive on time, so they can have a comfortable introduction (or reintroduction if they are returning) to their Lucky Dog Team of Caretakers, and the parts of the Resort they will enjoy during their stay.

IF there is an emergency and you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact us via the Messages link on your Lucky Dog Account page at least 24 hours before your Boarding Dog's scheduled arrival or departure and no less than 1 hour before your Daycare Dog's scheduled arrival or departure. Failure to contact us with confirmation from Lucky Dog Resort will result in a $30 fee for each missed Boarding appointment, and a $20 fee for each missed Daycare appointment. Thank you for helping us keep YOUR DOG SAFE and ensuring he/she will have the time they deserve to get acclimated to Lucky Dog.

Important! We do not have the space to accommodate bags/containers of food. Please bag your Dog's food in individual Ziploc or similar bags per meal. Canned food or similar can remain in its original container(s). A $35 storage fee will be added if large containers are left at drop-off. We thank you for helping us with this request!

— Laurie Ruttenberg

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