Policies & Reservations


Medical Requirements for All Guests:

Dogs must be current and provide documentation (via your Dog’s online Profile page) on the following Medical Requirements:

  • Rabies
  • Distemper/Parvo
  • Bordetella
  • Intestinal Parasite (aka fecal) Screening NEGATIVE for Giardia, Hook Worm, Whip Worm and Round Worm within 4 months of your Dog’s Play or Stay


Booking/Deposits/Cancellations/Refund Policy:

Boarding bookings are designated as “Holiday/Prime” or “non-Holiday/Prime.” “Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require a 50% deposit, paid at the time of reservation, in order for us to hold your Dog’s place with us.  “Non-Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require a 25% deposit at the time of reservation.

If you need to cancel your boarding reservation, in order for your deposit payment to be refunded, “non-Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require at least 3 days’ notice with confirmed receipt of notification from Lucky Dog.  “Holiday/Prime” boarding bookings require at least 7 days’ notice with confirmed receipt of notification from Lucky Dog.

*Deposits are non-transferrable and cannot be used as credit towards other bookings or packages. Refunds will be issued in the method which the deposit was made.


Holiday/Prime Bookings:

Holiday/Prime Bookings have an additional charge of $25 per each day (designated below).  This is to help offset the additional expenses incurred during our busiest times of the year (payroll, supplies, etc.).  Please note, “Weekend” typically means the day(s) before and after the Holiday.

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Memorial Day “Weekend”
  • Independence Day “Weekend”
  • Victory Over Japan Day (RI State Holiday)
  • Labor Day “Weekend”
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving “Weekend”
  • Christmas “Weekend”
  • New Year’s “Weekend”



We ask you to please provide 24 hours’ notice with confirmed receipt from Lucky Dog, in order for you to be eligible for a refund.


BOARDING: Your Dog’s Time with Lucky Dog Resort; What to Do, Bring, Know:

Personal Items:

Besides food, which you will bring, Lucky Dog Resort has everything your Dog could possibly need during their stay with us.  This includes bowls, beds, blankets, etc.  We kindly ask you not to pack these types of items unless your Dog absolutely cannot live without them, at which time we will happily consider accepting, i.e. some Dogs won’t eat unless it’s off of their special plate.  Lucky Dog is not responsible for any personal property brought with your dog.  If you believe your Dog would really benefit from having their own bed or blanket brought with them, you are welcome to bring CLEAN beds or blankets, if they are easily washable in our washing machine.  Dogs will be dogs so please do not bring anything oversized or expensive as there is a chance it could get ruined. NO TOYS ALLOWED IF YOUR DOG IS STAYING OR PLAYING WITH US IN THE LUCKY DOG HOUSE.


Please portion-out each of your Dog’s meals in separate Ziploc-type bags so we are absolutely certain they are receiving the right amount at each meal.  Please be sure to pack enough food for the entire duration of your dog’s stay. It’s better to bring too much than to bring too little.  Please DO NOT BRING LARGE BAGS nor CONTAINERS of FOOD.  We simply do not have room for them.  There will be a $10 storage fee added to your invoice, for large containers/bags of food. If your dog runs out of food during their visit, Lucky Dog will either retrieve their brand of food (if possible/available) for the remainder of their stay for a $10 Retrieval Charge plus the cost of food. Should your dog’s brand of food be unavailable, it will be substituted with a high-quality, limited ingredient alternative.

Meet and Greet:

If your location and schedule permit, Lucky Dog recommends scheduling a Meet and Greet Appointment prior to your Dog’s stay.  The Meet and Greet is a one hour, drop-off appointment, designed to introduce your Dog to the Resort, our Staff, and if applicable, some fellow guests.  We have found the Meet and Greet to be a wonderful way to get your Dog relaxed and ready for their stay.  Upon pickup, we invite you to Tour the Resort and ask us any questions you may have.



Drop-off and Pickups:

Drops offs and Pickups occur by appointment only.  This allows sufficient time to conduct proper introductions between Guests (if applicable), as well as ample time for your Dog to acclimate to the Resort, helping promote the safety of every Dog in our care.   Please be kind and arrive at your appointment times.  Early and later arrivals cannot typically be accommodated, as we are caring for live animals, cleaning and disinfecting, all on a strict schedule.  We truly appreciate your timeliness!


  • Monday through Friday 9 AM-11 AM, 1 PM- 3 PM
  • Saturday 10 AM- 3 PM

3PM is the last available appointment for BOARDING DROPOFF

Dogs and Staff are getting ready for the end of the day by this time.   We do understand things can happen, however, we cannot accept your Dog past      3 PM, so please add extra time to your trip to ensure we can accommodate your Dog’s reservation.

There are no exceptions to this policy so please plan accordingly


Checkout time for Boarding is 12 PM. If you wish to pickup your Dog after 12 PM, please indicate on your Reservation.  A $33 “Late Checkout” fee will be added to your Invoice.



All Dogs who wish to participate in our Daycare Program must be able to safely socialize with other Dogs.  It is therefore a requirement they be scheduled for a Meet and Greet appointment prior to their first “official” day of Lucky Dog Day Care.  Once you’ve created your Dog’s online profile and uploaded all of the Lucky Dog Resort medical requirements, please contact us via messaging through your Dog’s profile page (email) or by phone/text to schedule.  Meet and Greets currently occur by appointment, Monday through Saturday from 11 AM to 12 PM.  They are drop-off appointments designed to have your Dog become familiar with the Staff and Resort, as well as for us to learn how your Dog interacts and plays.  Once the hour is over and you come to pickup your Dog at noon, we’d love to give you a Tour, our, observations on how your Dog enjoyed their time, and answer any remaining questions you may have.


Dogs who exhibit behavior Lucky Dog Resort deems unsafe (for themselves and/or the other Guests) will be evaluated to determine if the Dog is suitable for future visits.


Flea & Tick Policy:

Flea and tick prevention are a requirement for all dogs visiting Lucky Dog Resort Inc.  Please note, all collars are removed upon your Dog’s entry into the Resort.  This is to promote safe play/interaction and includes continuous administration Flea and Tick Collars, such as Bayer’s Seresto.  For your Dog’s health and safety, Lucky Dog Resort is professionally treated for Ticks and Mosquitos during the applicable seasons.


Liability Release Form


  1. I certify that my dog is in good health and has received all required vaccinations, including: canine distemper, parvo virus, hepatitis, parainfluenza, Bordetella, and rabies; that my dog is free from fleas, ticks, heartworms, and all other parasites including but not limited to Giardia, Hook Worm, Whip Worm and Round Worm; and that if my dog is older than six months of age, he or she has been neutered or spayed, if staying or playing in the Lucky Dog Resort Social Model of Care (Daycare Social Club, Lucky Dog Resort House). I agree that I am under a continuing obligation to report to Lucky Dog Resort any sign of illness or infection in my dog.


  1. I agree that in the unlikely event that my dog requires emergency veterinary treatment while at dog daycare or boarding, Lucky Dog Resort, in its sole discretion, will transport my dog to an appropriate veterinary facility for treatment and will immediately attempt to contact me. I assume all financial responsibility for veterinary treatment.


  1. Lucky Dog Resort strives to keep a clean and sanitary environment. I understand that even in cleanest environments, infections, diseases, and parasites may be transmitted between animals.


  1. I understand and agree that my dog may be placed in a Suite or crate for periods of time during the day and/or night to allow for rest and downtime.


  1. I certify that my dog has not injured or shown aggression or threatening behavior to any person, dog, or other animal.


  1. I understand that dogs are animals and even in the most controlled and well-supervised environments, they may engage in inappropriate animal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, rough playing, nipping, aggression, and dog bites. I further understand that although Lucky Dog Resort staff closely monitors dog socialization and play to prevent injury, it is possible that my dog may receive minor nicks and scratches from other dogs. I agree that Lucky Dog Resort may use “corrections” to interrupt and/or stop my dog’s inappropriate behavior. Such corrections include, but are not limited to, the use of spray bottles of water, compressed air canisters cans of coins and bottles of gravel (for sound effects to disengage a dog from a behavior).


  1. I agree that in the event that my dog engages in an act of aggression toward another dog or person, Lucky Dog Resort staff may use reasonable physical force to interrupt and stop the aggression. I further agree that I am solely responsible, financially or otherwise, for any harm or damage to other dogs, persons, and/or property arising out of my dog’s behavior.


  1. I understand that personal items are not permitted in boarding nor daycare. Should a personal item be admitted into the Resort, Lucky Dog is not responsible for it nor its condition upon pickup.


  1. I understand that there is a deposit due upon reservation and failure to notify Lucky Dog within the appropriate time, as described in the policy above, before my reserved drop off date will result in the forfeiture of my deposit.


  1. I understand that payment in full is required at the time of pickup of my dog. If my dog is not picked up on time, I authorize Lucky Dog Resort to take whatever action it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, for the continuing care of my dog. I will pay Lucky Dog Resort Inc. the cost of any such continuing care.


  1. I understand that Dog Day Care Packages are refundable up to 10 days after purchase and that any unused prepaid Dog Day Care packages will expire 90 days after date of purchase.


  1. I agree to allow Lucky Dog Resort to photograph and/or videotape my dog for use in print, publication, and promotion of Lucky Dog Resort. (please check below)


  1. I agree to allow Lucky Dog Resort to transport my dog for excursions such as walks, the beach, hikes, etc. (on foot or by vehicle). (please check below)
  2. I agree to inform Lucky Dog Resort of any/all illnesses, injuries, behavioral abnormalities as soon as I become aware of them.


Participation: Your dog’s presence and/or participation in any class or service, paid or unpaid, offered by Lucky Dog Resort (hereby known as “Resort”) on or off Resort property automatically constitutes your binding agreement and consent to the Resort’s Policies and Liabilities Release Forms and Agreements.


Lucky Dog Resort, Inc. reserves the right to deny services at its sole discretion.


Acknowledgement of Risk: I understand that attendance and participation in Lucky Dog Resort dog day care/social club and boarding is not without risk to myself, to my dog(s), and/or to third parties, and/or the dog(s) of third parties. The risks include, but are not limited to, the risk of property damage, personal injury from dog bites, scratches, or other injuries, death, infectious disease, and parasites. I agree that my dog’s attendance and participation in Lucky Dog Resort dog day care/social club and boarding is voluntary and was undertaken with my knowledge of the known risks and other risks that may result from my dog’s participation in dog day care and boarding.


Assumption of Risk: I agree that I have been informed of the risks associated with dog day care and boarding, and have assumed the risk of my dog’s attendance and participation in Lucky Dog Resort’s dog day care/social club and boarding.


Release of Liability: In consideration for my dog’s attendance and participation in Lucky Dog Resort dog day care/social club and boarding, I fully release Lucky Dog Resort from any and all claims and/or liability arising out of my dog’s attendance at, or participation in, dog day care/social club and boarding, including all claims for personal injury, wrongful death, and property damage. I agree to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Lucky Dog Resort from any and all claims and costs, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to my dog’s attendance at, or participation in, Lucky Dog Resort dog day care/social club and boarding, including claims of negligence against Lucky Dog Resort, its employees, officers, agents and/or volunteers.


Lucky Dog is a highly social model of care.  In order to maintain the safest possible environment for all dogs, we can only accept guests who are spayed/neutered, unless under 6 months old,  for Daycare.  Unaltered dogs are welcome to board overnight in our beautiful suites.  Females must not be in estrus (heat).  Thank you for your understanding.


All guests must be current on the following vaccinations (Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella) and have had a fecal screening within four months of your dog’s play or stay at Lucky Dog Resort, with negative results for intestinal parasites (Giardia, Whip Worm, Hook Worm, Round Worm, etc.).  Documentation must be uploaded to their profile at the time of their reservation.  
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