Your Dog’s Health and Safety are our

Top Priorities!


Our Mission at Lucky Dog Resort is to make sure your Dog is SAFE, WELL CARED FOR, and has FUN!  Ongoing Training and Certification is how we keep them SAFE and show them a great time!  We want you to feel confident your Dog will be in the best possible care around!


Our Safety Pledge to You


  •  Our program has been designed for the safety of ALL Dogs.   Our goal is to ensure YOUR Dog goes home well, and happier than when they arrived!  We want to be your partner  in the care and well being of your Dog.
  • Our staff undergoes PROFESSIONAL AND ONGOING TRAINING to help ensure your Dog is SAFE, HEALTHY and HAPPY.
  • Our facilities MEET AND EXCEED industry standards. Our climate-controlled home-like setting, private suites as well as our outdoor play areas are safely contained and under the constant, loving supervision of our highly trained staff.
  • We’ve incorporated INDUSTRY STANDARDS for a CLEAN, SAFE and HEALTHY facility, including medical requirements for each Dog, sanitary practices, and state of the art air filtration and UV sanitizing technology.
  • We require benevolent leader techniques and humane, non-invasive handling that encourages appropriate group play.

  We want to ensure Lucky Dog Resort is the BEST place for your Dog, so we lovingly screen each Dog for safe, off-leash play or stay through our Meet and Greet process.  If your Dog doesn’t enjoy the company of other Dogs, we have lovely private suites.

  • Dogs are carefully assigned to their play group according to age, size, play-style and temperament.  They’re here to have fun and feel good, and we want to do everything possible to make that happen!
  • We will always communicate with you proactively and openly about your dog.

Lucky Dog Resort Staff are TRAINED in:

Dog Behavior, Body Language, Stages of Development 

Safe, Off-leash Group Play

We are also CERTIFIED in:

Pet CPR/First Aid


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