The Nose to Tail Academy at Lucky Dog Resort is designed to provide your Pup with skills that will carry them through all of life's stages. Whether you're interested in Group Classes, Doggy Day School, Private Training, or our immersive Live and Learn program, we'll work closely with you to develop a personalized training plan to unleash your dog’s full potential!

What Your Pup Will Learn

At Lucky Dog Resort, we believe each Dog is UNIQUE and cater our training programs to suit their specific needs. Your Dog will learn:

  • Handling & Being Handled: Great for Grooming, going to the Vet, giving medications, etc.
  • Being Ok Where You Are: Great for crate training, alone time, self-sufficiency, and self-control.
  • Socializing: Great for meeting new Pups and People, sounds, surfaces, and situations.
  • Manners: Learning the basics and making good decisions.

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Training Options

Live and Learn

The Live and Learn program is best for Pups who need a little extra guidance. It is designed as an immersive experience, so they build confidence, self-control, and good decision making while learning through training, socializing, and gaining autonomy away from home. They return strong, smart, and sure!

Pups also practice good manners at all times (wake-up, meals, socialization, training, nap time, bed time, alone time, quiet time, crating overnight, etc.) returning with the basic skills all Dogs should have (sitting, staying, waiting, coming when called, not jumping, etc.)

The Live and Learn program includes:

  • 6 nights of supervised sleepovers
  • daily training session with a certified, professional trainer
  • parent/student training
  • socialization including playtime
  • naps to rest and reset
  • enrichment activities to engage your Pup's brain

Doggy Day School

The Doggy Day School program is best for Pups who have a good handle on self-control and need further direction with manners, socialization, and good decision making.

The Doggy Day School program includes:

  • 10 days of supervised Day Camp
  • Daily training session with a certified, professional trainer
  • Parent/student training
  • Socialization including playtime
  • Naps to rest and reset
  • Enrichment activities to engage your Pup's brain

Puppy Preschool Group Training

Puppy Preschool is a 3-week class that provides a wonderful opportunity for your Puppy to interact with their peers while learning to focus around distractions. Each class is one-hour long and will include short Puppy play sessions as appropriate. The curriculum covers:

  • Basic skills as well as Puppy parenting challenges such as housebreaking, crate training, nipping, and jumping. 
  • ​Important life skills including socialization with people and other Dogs, accepting handling, and impulse control.
  • ​Parents will learn to understand and effectively deal with stages of Puppy development.

Junior Honors Group Training

Maintaining consistency in your Dog’s training during their adolescent months is important to helping them grow up to be well-mannered adults. Junior Honors is a 5-session class for “teenage” dogs (6-10 months) designed to fill the gap between Puppy Preschool and classes geared towards adult dogs. The curriculum focuses on four major themes:

  • doggy self-control
  • increasing Dogs’ attention span and ability to focus
  • allowing our Dogs to think more for themselves and practicing making the choice to do the appropriate behavior
  • reducing handlers’ dependence on food rewards and incentives

During each hour-long session, increasing levels of distractions will be introduced to challenge your Dog’s attention span in common situations.  These distractions can be in the form of sounds, moving objects, unexpected dogs or people and even different surfaces. Participating in the Junior Honors class will advance your Dog's skills to the next level!

Private Training

Private training is available both onsite and offsite (i.e. at your home or another location as agreed upon) and is geared to meet your and your Dog's needs. Contact us to learn more about Private Training.

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